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How you will be evaluated

This Webquest project will be worth a total of fifty points. The grade is given as a group grade, and the breakdown is as follows:

Research: Max of 30 points
*To receive all the points you should be able to go beyond just the questions provided. Include interesting facts on the art movements, and the lives of the artist. Find different pictures that were painted by the artist and talk about them. Come to a conclusion about what this all means to you. What you think of the work completed during the different time periods, or what time period you like the best? Think outside the box and go beyond what is given to you in order to receive the maximum allotted points.

Powerpoint: Total of 15 points
Attractiveness of powerpoint: max of 2 points
*To receive all the points the presentation must be interesting and eye catching. Including pictures, sounds, and videos on your topic may help the attractiveness of your presentation
Organization of powerpoint: max of 10 points
* To receive all the points the slides should not be cluttered. Only important information should be included on slides. You will not be reading off the slides, so they should not include everything you are going to say to the class word for word.
Spelling and Grammar on powerpoint: max of 3 points
*To receive all the points your presentation should be free of both spelling and grammatical errors.

Timeliness: max of 5 points
Project submitted on time: 5
*Two points will be subtracted from final grade for each day the project is late. Projects will not be accepted a week after the original due date.

**Be sure to take a look at the conclusion page for a final note in your WebQuest adventure

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