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A reflection on the Art of Time

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Art has gone through various movements through out time. Take a look at the timeline of the various art movements in order to obtain a better understanding of the chronological order they happened in.
History of Art Timeline

There are a few art movements and various artists that I have a deep interest in, please take a look below.
Pop Art

If interested check out some the various art museums around the United States

Delaware Art Museum located in Wilmington, DE
Museum of Contemporary Art, located in Chicago, Il
Museum of Fine Arts, located in Boston, MA
The Newark Museum , located in Newark, NJ
The Modern Museum of Art, located in New York, NY
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, located in New York, NY
Cincinnati Art Museum , located in Cincinnati, OH
Philadelphia Museum of Art, located in Philadelphia, PA
Andy Warhol Museum, located in Pittsburgh, PA
Seattle Art Museum, located in Seattle, WA

Check out some other cool webpages on art made by other angelfire memebers

House of spooks, art, and music
Andy Warhol
Biography of Pablo Picasso
Dali 2000

Check out some other Fun Stuff

The Master's of Art WebQuest
My list of Top Ten Educational Websites

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