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First, you need to decide as a group what artist you are going to choose from each movment. Secondly, you will research each art movement and the artist you have chosen from each movement. Do not forget to answer the questions under the Task section as you go along. Lastly, you will make a presentation slideshow via Powerpoint to show your findings to the class. Make sure to check the Evaluation section to see what your grade will be based on, then visit the Conclusion section for a final note. The links provided below will help in your search for information, but do not limit yourself to just them. You may find it helpful to use other resources in your quest. These may include books from the library, or even your own personal experieces from visiting a local art museum. Enjoy!

Post-Impressionism 1
Post-Impressionism 2
Vincent Van Gogh 1
Vincent Van Gogh 2
Paul CÚzanne 1
Paul CÚzanne 2
Paul Gauguin 1
Paul Gauguin 2
Surrealism 1
Surrealism 2
Salvador Dali 1
Salvador Dali 2
Marcel Duchamp 1
Marcel Duchamp 2
Max Ernst 1
Max Ernst 2
Pop Art 1
Pop Art 2
Andy Warhol 1
Andy Warhol 2
Roy Lichtenstein 1
Roy Lichtenstein 2
David Hockney 1
David Hockney 2

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